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Discover effortless swimming with the FOCEVI Snorkel, a lightweight option offering enhanced air circulation for easier breathing. Its upgraded design features a durable, shake-resistant structure and high-quality materials, including a soft, food-grade silicone mouthpiece. Its tapered design aids in balanced swimming and speed. With an easily adjustable bracket and head protection pad, it's ideal for various swimming strokes, providing a comfortable and efficient snorkeling experience.
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What is lead time?

Standard Current Lead time is 4 weeks upon date of purchase. *applies in the lower 48 U.S. states and Canada excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon, Yellowknife and Nunavut.

What are the delivery options?

Curbside Delivery:

  • Your Cold Plunge will be delivered to your curbside.
  • Selected carrier will contact you in advance before delivery.
  • Once your Coast Freshe Cold Plunge is delivered, set-up takes around 5 minutes. Review our setup video here to get started!

Do you have financing?

We offer two financing options available through Finance It (Canada) and HFS Financial (USA). View our financing page for more information here.

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