Coast Freshe Hot Soak Features


The spacious design allows users to fully immerse their bodies. This is crucial for achieving the full benefits of warm water soaking, as it ensures consistent exposure of the entire body to the warm water, which can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery.

Maximum Lay Down Length

With its spacious dimensions, you can fully lay down in the water and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being fully immersed. Plus, the design ensures that no part of your torso or knees will be exposed so you can enjoy the benefits of therapy without discomfort.

Chiller Unit Inside

Putting a heater/chiller unit inside the tub rather than stand alone outside the tub offers several important benefits including more efficient warming, consistent temperature, space-saving, ease of use, and more cost-effectiveness.

Indoor or Outdoor

We have designed our Coast Freshe Hot Soak to be aesthetically pleasing for inside and outside settings. Using state of the art insulation materials our Coast Freshe Hot Soak can be enjoyed in any environment. You can use in hot or cold climates and even during long periods of freezing for which we recommend our Hot & Cold Coast Freshe unit.

Exterior & Interior Lighting

The Coast Freshe Hot Soak has modern elegant wrap around lighting on the outside and two underwater lights to illuminate the aesthetically and functionally pleasing design.

Maximum Heat

With Coast Freshe Hot Soak you can have the water temperature to go up to 42 degrees Celsius/ 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plug & Plunge

The Coast Freshe Hot Soak uses a standard 110V outlet. It is strongly recommended you have a dedicated circuit. STANDARD – 15 amp dedicated breaker.

No Plumbing Required

The Coast Freshe Hot Soak was designed to be self-contained, which means that once you fill it up from a hose, your water can last up to 6 months without changing it with proper maintenance. Please refer to FAQ’s for information on proper maintenance.

WiFi Accessible 

Coast Freshe Hot Soak is smart phone accessible – turn your Coast Freshe on and off, set and change temperatures and listen to soothing music.

Filtration System

The Coast Freshe Hot Soak Filtration system brings a number of important benefits including: Improved Water Quality as it helps to remove impurities and contaminants from the water, such as dirt, debris, and bacteria. Reduced strain on the Coast Freshe Hot Soak system by removing debris and contaminants before they can clog the system allowing the Coast Freshe Hot Soak system to operate more efficiently and last longer. Increased Energy efficiency by keeping the water clean and clear which enables the Coast Freshe Hot Soak system not to have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature, which can save energy and reduce costs and peace of mind by ensuring that the water is clean and ready to use.

OZONE Purification

The ozone system offers several benefits, including powerful disinfection, safety and environmental-friendliness, reduced need for chemicals, extended shelf life, and non-invasiveness.

20 Micron Filtration

Removes small and larger dirt and debris from the water.

Built to Last

The Coast Freshe Hot Soak using ABS backed acrylic and Coast Shield to provide a high quality, durable and long-lasting tub.


The Coast Freshe Hot Soak is insulated with an interior and exterior shell so it can be enjoyed inside and outside.

Maximum Cooling

With Coast Freshe Cold Plunge you can take the water temperature down to as low as 3 degrees Celsius/ 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maximum Cooling

With Coast Freshe Cold Plunge you can take the water temperature down to as low as 3 degrees Celsius/ 37 degrees Fahrenheit.