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Skimmer Net

Skimmer Net


Introducing the Skimmer Net with the Fine Mesh Frame Net. Easily attachable with a long pole on the end or can be used as is.

  • Size: 17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inches (44.50 x 30.00 x 3.00 cm)
  • Material: Plastic. High-quality thick plastic frame and netting designed to easily maneuver through water.
  • Durable: This heavy-duty but lightweight plastic and mesh pool skimmer is made to perform season after season. Save time and money knowing that your pool net will withstand your pool cleaning and maintenance duties for years to come.
  • Wide application: Scoops out leaves, insects & other kinds of floating debris from your inground swimming pool, koi pond, hot tub, and fountain. Leaves water sparkling clean & inviting!
  • Easy Installation: Use skimmer on its own or attach to virtually any pole with the press of a button.
  1. Regularly test your spa water using a reliable water testing kit to ensure the chlorine level is within the recommended range of 3-5 ppm.
  2. If the chlorine level is below the recommended range, follow the instructions on the SANITIZE label to determine the appropriate amount to add.
  3. Add the required quantity of SANITIZE to your spa water, distributing it evenly across the surface for thorough mixing.
  4. Allow the water to circulate for some time, as indicated on the label, to ensure proper dispersion and sanitization.
  5. Re-test the chlorine level and adjust if necessary, repeating the process until the desired 3-5 ppm range is achieved for a clean and safe spa experience.

Keep your spa water clean and safe with SANITIZE. Its dichlor-based formula, stabilized chlorine granules, and effectiveness at maintaining the recommended chlorine levels make it an excellent choice for spa sanitization.

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Standard Current Lead time is 4 weeks upon date of purchase. *applies in the lower 48 U.S. states and Canada excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon, Yellowknife and Nunavut.

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Curbside Delivery:

  • Your Cold Plunge will be delivered to your curbside.
  • Selected carrier will contact you in advance before delivery.
  • Once your Coast Freshe Cold Plunge is delivered, set-up takes around 5 minutes. Review our setup video here to get started!

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