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Why is Maximum Lay Down length Important?

Fully immersing in a cold plunge by laying down allows you to maximize the benefits of cold water immersion.  

This position maximizes both physical recovery and mental relaxation, enhancing the overall health benefits of the Coast Freshe Cold Plunge experience.

Increased Benefits

Cold plunging can deliver a wide range of benefits, including decreased inflammation, improved mental resilience and discipline, and reduced stress. By fully lying down in the cold water, more of the body is exposed to the cold, which can enhance the benefits of the therapy.

Vagus Nerve Activation

Submerging the upper part of the neck in the water can activate the vagus nerve, which can lead to a more full hormonal response and maximize benefits like anti-inflammatory response and mood-boosting.

Improved Breathing

Breathing intentionally can help the body and mind relax by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. By laying down in the cold water, it is easier to focus on breathing and achieve a more relaxed state.

Cardiovascular Health

The constriction and dilation of blood vessels that occurs during cold plunging can be like a workout for the blood vessels, which can help improve cardiovascular health. By fully laying down, you get the full benefits.

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