FAQ - What if I don’t see Bread Pay at checkout?

If you are not seeing the option to checkout with Bread Pay please try the below troubleshooting options.

  1. Do you have any subscriptions in your cart? If yes, please remove it (you’ll need to place a second order with a credit/debit card). Recurring subscriptions cannot be put on a purchasing plan with Bread Pay since the loan would never end!
  2. Is your computer/tablet/phone automatically logging you into Shop Pay and auto-populating your payment information?
    Here’s a link for instructions on how to log out

  3. Lastly, web browsers store information in their cache and cookies. Sometimes that can cause problems with auto-filling card information and not showing the option to use Bread Pay. Below are links with instructions on how to resolve this problem based on which browser you are using.

    On a Computer:
    Google Chrome
    Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

    On an iPhone/iPad:
    Google Chrome

    On an Android:
    Mozilla Firefox

    If none of these tips resolve your Bread Pay issues, please give us a call at 916-545-6304.